Take the Next Step!

     The church has one mission…Jesus said, “Go and make disciples…” (Mt. 28:19)  We believe that every believer is to be a disciple maker.  The question is, “How”? 
     Following Jesus pattern for disciple making, we have identified four stages in the pathway for multiplying followers of Jesus.  We strive to align every ministry to facilitate our members to take the next step in their spiritual journey.  We call it the Growth Track! 
     We want to do everything we can to walk with you toward becoming a multiplying disciple maker.  To get “on track” or to take you next step, please contact us at marc@thorsbyfbc.org.
     In the words of Pastor Craig Etheredge, Jesus … “ignited a movement and then told his followers to do the same. He told us to follow his example (I Peter 2.21), to live as he lived, walk as he walked, trust as he trusted, pray as he prayed, be courageous as he was courageous, rely on the Spirit as he relied on the Spirit, sacrifice as he sacrificed, and love as he loved.”
Jesus said to his disciples, “Come and you will see.” In the same way we invite you to discover who Jesus is and find answers to your questions. John 1:39
We desire to see people transition from simply discovering the truths about God to connecting with Christ by following Him.
Matthew 4.19
Our mission is to help people grow in their faith by training them to be, and build, fully devoted followers of
Jesus Christ.
Mark 3.14
Our goal is to deploy people in the mission of Jesus Christ by multiplying disciples both locally and globally.
John 15:16