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Jesus's Path to the Cross
9 Day Devotional

Have you ever wondered what the last week of Jesus' life was like? Join us in reading this 9 day devotional together provided by  Crossway

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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the day in the church year when traditionally we mark the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem for the last week of his life which many refer to as Holy Week.   Join us Sunday, March 28  at 9 or 11 am as we begin Jesus' Path to the Cross.

Good Friday Service

Good Friday Service - April 2 | 7 pm
It was the single most horrible day in the history of the world.
No incident has ever been more tragic, and no future event will ever match it. No surprise attack, no political assassination, no financial collapse, no military invasion, no atomic detonation or nuclear warfare, no cataclysmic act of terrorism, no large-scale famine or disease — not even slave trading, ethnic cleansing, or decades-long religious warring can eclipse the darkness of that day.
No suffering has ever been so unfitting. No human has ever been so unjustly treated, because no other human has ever been so worthy of praise. No one else has ever lived without sin. No other human has ever been God himself. No horror surpasses what transpired on a hill outside Jerusalem almost two millennia ago.
And yet we call it “Good” Friday.  

Easter Sunday

We invite you to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday, April 4 at 9 or 11 am.  

Acts 4:33 "And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all."

The believers who saw the risen Christ with their own eyes and touched him with their hands spent the rest of their lives talking about the resurrection. For sure, they preached crucifixion and propitiation — the central hinge of the gospel message — but the message of the cross was not the most controversial thing they had to say in their day. Read More

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