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We believe at Whiteflag that Jesus has called us to “SURRENDER our lives” for Him.  What does that mean? In everything we teach, we want to make the name of Jesus Christ famous through out not only Thorsby, Alabama, but to the world.  In battle, a white flag signifies to all that an approaching negotiator is unarmed, with an intent to surrender or a desire to communicate by using the flag to surrender. Now according to this when you surrender, you lose. But with God, when we surrender our life’s to God. WE WIN!

We understand that true-life change takes place when we encounter a relationship with Jesus Christ! We believe that if we pursue and love God with all we have then everything else in our relationship with Him will work.

Our vision is to pursue truth and righteousness in the Lord, and to stop at nothing to make his name known. We do not believe in allowing students to settle for the status quo and just merely survive the world, but to CHANGE IT! Our vision is aligned with the vision of Thorsby First Baptist Church which is to LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE. Believe me…this is not a place for perfect people or people who have it all figured out. My prayer is that we can help or encourage you in your walk with Christ.